It's not China, Brazilian idiot

The lack of acumen of some Brazilian analysts is simply staggering. I say this thinking specifically in this case .

First, the defense of democracy was never really high on the US foreign agenda. As long as they can gain advantages, the Americans have always been and will be unconditional allies of authoritarian and barbaric regimes (Saudi Arabia and Iran before the Islamic revolution) and structurally racist governments (South Africa in the past and, today, Israel). All Latin American military dictatorships during the Cold War were built by the CIA and supported by the White House, including the Brazilian dictatorship.

But let's get back to the Chinese question. Joe Biden knows better than anyone that he cannot confront China militarily without risking an escalation of the means of destruction that will inevitably cause nuclear devastation on US soil. Therefore, we must consider the hypothesis that the American president raised tensions in Asia as a means to an end. And this end (taking into account his support for Bolsonaro), can only be to BRAKE the development of Brazil by manipulating the prejudices and weaknesses of the commanders of Brazilian Armed Forces.

Not only that. Since the 19th century, the great project of the USA for Brazil has been the same: the fragmentation of Brazilian territory. It would be easier for the White House threaten, dominate or control microstates resulting from the destruction of Brazil by exploiting local tensions and conflicts.

Due to his political choices and wrong decisions, Bolsonaro became an eventual ally of this American project. By facilitating the devastation of the Amazon, the Cerrado and the Pantanal, the Brazilian president forced governors to try to negotiate directly with the US. But in this case, what seems to be a solution will actually represent an aggravation of the Brazilian problem.

After all, when normality is restored (Bolsonaro will be overthrown, defeated and/or arrested), my country's new president will have to deal with state ecological agreements. And the rationality and unity of Brazil's foreign policy will remain totally compromised.

The victory of the Americans will be complete, as Will Durant said: “A great civilization cannot be conquered from without, before being destroyed from within”. So Bolsonaro is just one piece in the internal destruction of Brazil handled by Joe Biden, the tension in Asia is another.